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Nitika's BlogContact Me offers a practical and useful guidance to people with developmental disabilities, their Teachers, their Parents, Rehabilitation Professionals and Schools. If your job or your organization deals with special people, you need to keep this guide handy. A Complete Guide with Clear Understanding of not just what to do but why! Helpful reads, research studies, websites, essays, presentations, examples, stories, inspirational and self help articles, laws and regulations - A special help book for all those want to make a positive contribution in lives of special people. I've been working for people with developmental disabilities for over a decade and this website is based on lessons I have learned first hand from my students, their parents, teachers, care givers and rehabilitation professionals: about what they need to know. No magic solution or medicine or short cuts are offered here, but you will find plenty of help in these web pages. Knowledge-base in sections: [Developmental Disabilities], [My Documents] and [Resources] are not just words or writing, they are also thoughts and experience, which will help help your mind understand - What Special People Want!


Disclaimer: Any recommendation, idea, therapy, plan, article or reference document provided or suggested in this website are only indicators of what could be or could not be helpful to special children, their parents and special educators.  It may not be an accurate assessment of what is specifically ideal for you or your child.  Please consult your doctor, psychologist or rehabilitation professional before undertaking any treatment/advise or suggestion.  Thank you.