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This website does not belong to a writer, artist or a journalist. It has imprefect structure of thoughts and unsequential information. It is my expression on life I live and work I do for people with developmental disabilities. With good intentions, I am sharing with you my experience, my notes, my documents and information that is well put together as is guide for people with special needs. As a teacher, doctor or rehabilitation professional, it will allow you to think better about people with special needs, develop meaningful ideas and things, clear thinking, a healthier and more inclusive social and work space. I'd be happy to have any information or knowledge from you that can be useful on this website. If you find any idea in my website not so clear or is messy, go ahead, polish it for better and send it to me. I hope it will encourage you to make a difference in lives of special people and help build greater awareness on rights of disabled and positively influence the public policy.

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My Mummy - Mrs. Meena Mendiratta Detailed Career Summary, Education, Achievements, Employment History, Awards and Recongnition
"Rehabiliation India" - Empowering Abilities fo people with developmental disabilities. An Online Disability Guide for People with Special Needs. Society for Advance Studies in Rehbiliation (SASR) is a Non-Government, Not-For-Profit Civil Society Organization working for Special People in Faridabad, Haryana

Nitika is the Owner, Editor and Publisher of much Loved and Appericated Family Magazine, "God Bless Our Home".

Nitika is the Founder Director of M/s Reviving Humanity Private Limited, New Delhi which works in the areas of Social Research, Technology for Disability, Consultancy for Schools, Print and Online Media, Publishing Books and Magazines; and Online Entertainment.

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