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This section of the website offers basic 'plain language' introduction and also the detailed insight in six chapters (sub-sections) on the right hand side. These are not 'textbook-perfect', so you can learn from theri strengths and weaknesses alike. Reading all documents in this section in its entirety is just as important as reading it carefully. They will give you essential background about studying other sections of this website. Documents are sequentially arrnaged, wherever necessary. Documents are relevant, complete, concise, specific and explanatory. However, since the content of this website was not created overnight you will find good information scattered throught the documents. I suggest, it would be a good idea to skim through the entire section quickly before reading in detail. Once you understand the 'big picture',it is easier to see where the individual pieces fit in.

Click here for Life Stories and Experiences of Special People and their Families

Click here to spread awareness, joy, inspiration and motivation

Detailed knowledgebase on Different Types of Disabilities, FAQs, Related Government Laws, Rights, Rules and Regulations

Therapies, Education and Training - OT, PT, ST, SI, Play, Music, Movement, Pets; List of Special and Inclusive Schools/Insitutes, Various Courses/Curriculums and Ideas for Therapy Customization.

Useful Ideas and Suggestions for Finding Suitable Employment and Independent Living Indoor and Outdoor Games for fitness and good health, Special Olympics, Para Olympics, Blind Sports, Arts and Related Events
Health, Aging, Family and Nutrition - Medical Fitneses, Aging Challenges, Preparation, Prevention, Cure and FAQs Inclusion and Accessibility, Laws, CSR Initiatives of renowned Multinational Companies, State and Societal Norms and Practices, Related NGOs, Lawyers and FAQs

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