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Many interesting and useful books have been written on education, training and rehabilitation of special people for teachers, parents and social workers. If you are really interested, I can warmly recommend some of my favourites

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# Special Education, Teaching and Parenting
1 Effective Parenting Shyama Chona Hay House Publishers, (India) Private Limited 978-81-89988-59-3
# Education in Class Rooms, School Management and Philosophy of Education
1 Managing in the Educational Madhouse David E. Hellawell The Questions Publishing Company Limited, Great Britain 1-84190-011-7
2 Methods and Techniques of Teaching SK Kochhar Sterling Publishers Private Limited, New Delhi 978-81-207-0071-0
3 What did you ask at School Today? Kamala V. Mukunda Harper Collins Publishers, India 978-81-7223-833-9
# General Reading
2 Ignited Minds APJ Abdul Kalam Penguin Books (India) Private Limited. 978-01-43029-82-3
3 Karma Samaj (in Hindi) Ratan Lal Suri Karma Samaj Dharmsthan Publications, New Delhi -
4 The Target is Behind the Sky (Fifty Poems of Kabir) Sunil Uniyal Books for All, New Delhi 978-81-7386-294-6

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