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Nitika works for Rehabilitaiton of people with Disabilities. She teaches about rehabiltiation and inclusion of special people, to just about everyone - from corporate executives to high school students, teachers, principals, socially responsible businesses, social work organizations, non profits and educational institutes. Nitika has written course curriculums and educational books for Private and Government institutes. Nitika is a sought after resource person on issues related to inclusion, education, training, employment, and empowerment of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. She speaks on Disability related issues on TV, National and Interational Conferences; and in Semiars as Invited/Guest Speaker on issues related Mental and Physical Disability, Social Work, Government and Corporate Social Responsibility, particularly on Disability and Employment, Inclusion, Education and Training, Rehabilitation Therapies and Empowerment of Special poeople and their families. Nitika has been working for rehabilitation of people with developmental disabilities and training for last 10+ years. At present, Nitika is a the Director of SASR (Society for Advance Studies in Rehabilitation, a NGO for Special Children. Nitika lives in New Delhi, India. She is the Founder Director of M/s Reviving Humanity Private Limited. She is the owner, editor and publisher for a family magazine, "God Bless Our Home". She is a the Director of SASR, NGO for special children.




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